Modular Energy Systems is a sister company to OCON Energy Consulting. We build fully-integrated off grid energy storage system with lithium-ion batteries providing long-lasting energy and high power for air conditioners, pumps, and power tools. It’s plug-n-play design is easy to install, making it ideal for your independent, off grid lifestyle.


Product Design

  • Iterative Design: Host Design Reviews to set a plan to rework and improve the product.
  • Manufacturing/Production Ready Model: Guaranteed to be manufacturable with well defined models and drawings. Parts will include draft for tool release and details for tool parting lines. 
  • Detailed GD&T Drawing: Fully dimensioned manufacturing drawings to meet UL requirements. GD&T dimensioned drawings for tolerance and critical dimensions.
  • Manufacturing Due Diligence: Facilitate DFM from manufacturer.  Assist in tooling design. Manage First Article Inspections and product inspection plan.  Manage quality plan for sustaining production

Solar Engineering

OCON has worked with building departments in over 20 states dealing with high wind zones, high snow loads, and high seismic zones.  We have an in-depth understanding of the ASCE 7-05 and 7-10 building code and are able to provide final building documentation for building department review.

  • PV System Design: Managing the requirements of the equipment suppliers and developers.  Ballast calculations based on boundary layer wind tunnel testing. Meeting the roofs low PSF requirements. Aligning equipment with structural members. Optimizing ballast, racking equipment, string sizing, and structural requirement
  • CAD Design & Line Drawings: Detailed schematic drawings for installations or product design. Ballast layout and system layout. Equipment single and multiline drawings.
  • Site Visits & Inspection: Detailed drawings with structural details and obstacles locations. Screening potential job sites. Shading and production evaluation


  • Design for Manufacturability: Selectively improve product design to increase profitability through reduced processing costs. Reduce product complexity, reduce part count utilizing Boothroyd/Dewhurst Method and Hitachi Assembly Evaluation Metho
  • Target Costing: Market-Driven Product Design. Quantify the cost of subassemblies as they relate to product features
  • Production Science & Lean Manufacturing: Optimization of process flow with probability analysis. Reduce inventory and lead time with capacity management.  Shop floor controls MRP, JIT, kanbans
  • Value Stream Mapping: Understanding your product from raw material to delivered product

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