How to Build a Lithium-Ion Battery System for less than $400 per kWh

I have seen a lot of people on the internet repurposing old laptop batteries and batteries from electric vehicles. This is a great way to acquire low cost, high quality batteries, but it does require a lot of work to disassemble, test, and sort them. I think this will become a common method in the future because a battery that doesn’t work well for an electric vehicle might still be a good fit for a battery energy storage system (BESS), since the charge and discharge rates are so much lower in a BESS compared to an EV. Typically a BESS uses much lower power compared to an EV that needs to accelerate quickly.

What is Alex Honnold's reading? My book!

Alex Honnold

In a recent Outside Magazine article, Alex Honnold, the free solo climber, was asked about his current reading list. I was so excited to learn that he's reading Off Grid Solar! Apparently he wants to add solar to his van and he got his hands on my book! 

My wife and I just saw his new National Geographic film Free Solo about his El Capitan ascent, it is a really epic story and highly recommended. 

OGS Store is UP!

The Off Grid Solar store is live and we have an amazing deal on battery inverters. See this YouTube post to learn more!

Are you a maker that's eager to be energy independent? An inquisitive builder who wants to know how solar energy can power your life? This handbook describes how to use solar technology completely detached from the grid.

Puerto Rico & Hurricane Maria

From Praytell films:

The U.S. Federal Government was slow and reluctant to send appropriate resources to aid the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Before the storm, Puerto Rico’s archaic power plant was already in decline as well.

One month after Maria, only 20% of the island has electrical power restored, and the grid is not expected to be completely restored for six more months. Solar energy is the only smart, sustainable, long-term solution to Puerto Rico’s power problem. To help John and a team of volunteers build a large-scale community solar power charging station, click below.

To encourage the U.S. government to support Puerto Rico’s shift to solar energy, call your senators and ask them to support legislation that combats climate change and subsidizes solar.

To donate, please visit the Solar Gazebo Community Center in Puerto Rico

Off Grid Build Podcast

Off Grid Build Podcast

It's Podcast Time!

I was recently a guest on the podcast Off Grid Build with hosts Paul and Dan, who are super interesting and funny guys. They've built their own off grid "earthships" in Taos, New Mexico. Now they're building an off grid house in upstate New York and sharing their progress on YouTube. They are extremely hands-on, and we had a great (and long) conversation about solar, micro grids, lithium batteries, and the pros/cons with off grid systems. Watch the podcast on YouTube below.