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Off Grid Solar is a pocket guide and quick reference for anyone looking to build an electrical energy system using free sunshine available to us all.

Are you a self-reliant builder who is ready to become energy independent? Are you an inquisitive builder who wants to know how solar energy can power your life indefinitely?

Written with a DIY mindset, this book establishes a familiarity with off grid equipment. With all the steps to build an Off Grid energy system, this book will help the reader make better decisions, so they can understand their technology needs rather than trust other’s recommendations. 

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A Handbook for Photovoltaics with Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion Batteries

The first and only book to focus on:

  1. Off Grid solar only, eliminating the confusion of grid-tied systems

  2. Future technologies, primarily Lithium-Ion batteries

  3. Global audience, using internationally recognized codes and standards

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