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A book about Off Grid Solar

Are you a maker that’s eager to be energy independent? An inquisitive builder who wants to know how solar energy can power your life?  This handbook describes how to use solar technology completely detached from the grid. Inside is the knowledge needed to build a stand-alone solar energy system with the most advanced technologies available.


About Joe

Joe O'Connor, solar entrepreneur and product designer, has installed solar energy systems in USA, Haiti, Guatemala, Portugal, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. O’Connor began writing this book in 2016 after realizing that there is no resource focusing solely on building Off Grid Solar energy systems for a global audience.

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Photography by Garth Pratt

Photography by Garth Pratt


Joe O’Connor is a consultant, speaker, and writer on all things solar.  By focusing his career on the evolving trends in the solar industry, Mr. O’Connor strives to integrate the most appropriate technologies for the best energy system.

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Business Development Engineer at @NuvationEnergy.
Author of Off Grid Solar. Fellow @NYUReynolds, Consultant, speaker, writer on solar. #EnergyStorage