Ditching the Grid for Solar

Solar Microgrids, The Only Logical Future

Off Grid solar is the ideal form of self-reliance. With solar and energy storage you don’t need to pay bills to a utility or buy an endless supply of fuel for your generator, you can harvest energy from the sky. By avoiding dirty fossil fuels, you’re also not contributing to climate change. We’ve been waiting for a silver bullet and it’s here.

Come on… What is so great about solar?

To me, the most interesting fact about solar is that there is no cost for the fuel, unlike fossil fuels. That means that as the cost to manufacture solar equipment continues to decrease, solar will quickly become the cheapest energy source on the planet. It is also hugely abundant everywhere…

global renewable energies

This is what is so great about solar:

  1. It is by far the most abundant energy source on our planet. (See above)
  2. It is cost effective at all scales — large and small.
  3. The cost of fuel is free!

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