Off Grid Build Podcast

It's Podcast Time!

I was recently a guest on the podcast Off Grid Build with hosts Paul and Dan, who are super interesting and funny guys. They've built their own off grid "earthships" in Taos, New Mexico. Now they're building an off grid house in upstate New York and sharing their progress on YouTube. They are extremely hands-on, and we had a great (and long) conversation about solar, micro grids, lithium batteries, and the pros/cons with off grid systems. Watch the podcast on YouTube below.

0:00 - The who, what and why of Joe O'Connor and his new book
9:17 - Small scale vs large scale residential solar
11:53 - Lead Acid Vs. Lithium Ion batteries
20:35 - The lifespan of Dan's lead acid batteries in his Earthship
23:45 - The lifepspan of Lithium Ion batteries
25:15 - The Amazing Off Grid Solar Book
34:50 - Does it make sense to be off the electrical grid?
39:40 - Reasons to have batteries and be connected to the grid
43:30 - Cons of Grid Tied solar
48:20 - Centralized vs distributed solar
54:20 - Solar etymology
58:40 - The universal appeal of solar
1:13:03 - MICROGRIDS!
1:28:15 - Tesla Powerwall, worth it or what?
1:34:35 - Efficient design is still king