Second Edition Coming. Also in Spanish

I've learned so much more in the past two years mostly about batteries and I am excited to share with you all the new improvements! Thank you for those who have already sent me your ideas, it's very helpful and I've included most of them.

Second Edition Improvements

  • New Introduction

  • New Microgrid section

  • Expanded on Batteries

    • New Battery Chemistries

    • Problems with Cobalt supply chain

    • Improved BMS details

    • Second life and Repurposing used cells

    • and more...

  • Expanded on Inverters

  • Expanded on Generators

  • Improved Structural Design, Building/Electrical Code Compliance

  • Fixed errors

    • Temp coefficient calculation for open circuit voltage

    • Battery voltage expectations for sealed vs. flooded

But there is still time to send me your recommendations or thoughts about what YOU would like to see in the book.

  • What did you want learn from Off Grid Solar, but didn't?

  • What topics did you think could have been better or more in-depth?

  • What are the must have topics that should be included in a book like this?

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Spanish Edition coming in 2019!

¡Edición en español en 2019!

¿Habla español? ¡Estupendo! Estoy escribiendo una edición en español de mi libro para todos los hispanohablantes. La traducción es proporcionada por un traductor profesional en Chile que tiene experiencia en la industria solar. Por favor, suscríbase a mi boletín para escuchar sobre el lanzamiento de la edición en español. ¿Cómo es mi español? Utilicé el traductor de google ;)

Speak Spanish? Great! I am writing a Spanish Edition of my book for all the Spanish speakers out there. The translation is provided by a professional translator in Chile who has experience in the solar industry. Please subscribe to my newsletter to hear about the release of the Spanish Edition. How is my Spanish? I used Google Translate ;)