Morningstar Communication Cable (TriStar 30A, 45A)

Tripp Lite 5ft USB to Serial Adapter.jpg
Tripp Lite 5ft USB to Serial Adapter.jpg

Morningstar Communication Cable (TriStar 30A, 45A)

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Description: Tripp Lite 5ft USB to Serial Adapter Cable (TriStar 30A, 45A)


  • USB-A to DB9 M/M

  • U209-000-R

This is used to reprogram the charge controller to work with lithium-ion batteries.

Product Features:

  • Connect a RS-232 Serial device to the USB port on your computer or Android tablet / phone

  • 5 ft Length; no external power required

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and Android Tablets / Phones (See System Requirements for details)

  • Compatible with Android tablets / phones with USB Host Mode (OTG) support and OS version 3.2 and above

  • 2-year limited warranty

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MSView Software

Before you can use these products with lithium-ion batteries, you have to use their MSView Software to reconfigure the charge controller.  Do not use the preset functions since they are designed for lead acid batteries.


SunSaver MPPT & SunSaver Duo

Use the UMC-1 USB adapter to reprogram the set points. 

TriStar and TriStar MPPT (30A and 45A)

Use the Tripp Lite USB-A to DB9 to reprogram the set points.

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